Innovations Project: Stroboscopic Character Animation

A university project where we were asked to produce an animation or piece of software, around a technique or idea that we deemed innovative enough to pursue further and research in more depth.

In my case, I chose to look at Stroboscopic Character Animation and produced several experiments in Maya and Nuke which demonstrate different visual experiments with applying the stroboscopic technique to character animation. This project consisted of animating a character performing martial arts movements; using that as a base to produce several different variations of the strobe technique and making the process of character animation part of the art itself by displaying it in distinctive and aesthetically interesting ways. By using a relatively simple method, I was able to experiment with different aesthetics; timings of the animation; camera positions and movements, and placements of the strobe poses.

Really enjoyed this project and the aesthetics I was able to explore.

As always, let me know what you think. Cheers

Max rig by Peter Starostin and James Hunt

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