Dialogue Shot: The audio is working

A dialogue shot I did in my spare time, using a voice clip from ‘Silicon Valley‘.

Norman rig courtesy of Leif Jeffers, Morgan Loomis, Peter Starostin and Neal Thibodeaux.

Sound effects from freesound.org. Sounds are: 118068__g-lamont__whip-cracks, 204358__soundsexciting__whipping, 272065__bexhillcollege__thrown-object, 336598__inspectorj__footsteps-concrete-a, 344272__inspectorj__glass-smash-bottle-e, 366111__dkiller2204__indoor-footsteps and 403654__lamamakesmusic__cloth-whipping-various-02.

Ending music is ‘wait‘ by eff, from their album ‘(笑)A NICE PLACE (笑)’


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